Image 1
Farmers from Rulindo district practicing compost making during the KCOA-KHEA farmer's training.
Image 2
During an event entitled "Farmer Market Day" organized by ROAM under KCOA-KHEA project, different organic farmers/producers were given a chance to expose their produce.
Image 3
Farmers from Ngoma district practicing compost making during the KCOA-KHEA farmer’s training.

About ROAM

Rwanda Organic Agriculture Movement (ROAM) is a National Umbrella Organization for producers, farmers, processors, exporters and importers involved in organic agriculture and other

ROAM has more than 5000 members who work in organic production, processing and marketing of organic coffee, tea, fruit and vegetables, potatoes, beans, cassava, the essential oil, etc.

ROAM Is a member of International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement(IFOAM), the worldwide umbrella organization for the organic agriculture movements which represents close to 800 affiliates in 117 countries founded in 1972 and also a member of AfroNet, the umbrella organization uniting and representing African organic stakeholders founded in 2008.

What we do

  • Lobby and advocate for legal policy framework supporting organic agriculture in Rwanda
  • Capacity Building of EOA value chain actors mainly through training
  • Raising awareness of organic agriculture and its benefits
  • Create market linkages
  • Create synergies and networking among EOA stakeholders

About Us

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Develop and Promote the Ecological Organic Agriculture (EOA) as a Farming Method that Sustains the Health of Soils,Ecosystems and People


Vibrant and Sustainable Organic Agriculture Systems that contribute to Health environment, Better livelihood, food security, Safe nutrition and a Growing consumer market.

Core Values
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Creativity


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